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Our Sustainability

Our call to action is eco-awareness. We are responding by taking time and taking care of nature in every way we can. Our mission is to bring Wendyoner to the forefront of the eco-movement and be a more socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle brand. 

Join us as we continue to show you how we value nature.

Our Steps

We are taking every step to continue to challenge the fashion landscape and make an impact. We are committed to change and every step we take will matter.

Smart Creation

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality or style in order to benefit the environment. Wendyoner brings high-quality, relevant products our customers know and trust while keeping the environment top of mind.

Factories and Social

Our goal is to find sustainable and ethical suppliers that meet our standards. We are taking it further to ensure proper employee standards are met too. If they do not, then we encourage them to find ways to be part of our mission.


We are working tirelessly to ingrain sustainability not only in our garments and where they come from, but also by implementing inward practices within our company culture.