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16 in 1 Motorcycle and Bicycle Repair Tool

$26.99 USD $40.99 USD Save $14.00 USD

Since factory direct sales are cheap, shipping costs are important. 
Quantity is limited, please buy as soon as possible! !

Cluttered and unmanageable tools? Small tool repair kits are the best 
option, both for tool storage and out of the box, small and easy
to carry.



main feature

The well-made separation plate design can be opened separately, and 
the tightness of the plate can also be adjusted. The collection
of daily maintenance, installation requires most of the tools...

A multi-purpose screwdriver can solve the use of screws and
nuts. Equipped with multi-size Allen wrench, multi-size
socket wrench, open-end wrench, bicycle spoke wrench and two
types of screwdrivers, daily maintenance and installation are
very convenient.
Easy to carry
16 functions in one, compact and easy to carry. All kit
accessories can be stored in a mini bag that can be tossed
in a bag or pocket without worrying about missing parts.

High quality.
This product is made of high-quality steel plate, and the
bottom is made of composite material.


Specification material. high quality steel
Size (L*W*H): 9*2.5*4.5
Weight: 210g
Unique Tool: Unique 16-in-1 Tool Kit

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Example title

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16 in 1 Motorcycle and Bicycle Repair Tool 16 in 1 Motorcycle and Bicycle Repair Tool 16 in 1 Motorcycle and Bicycle Repair Tool

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