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Cat Flower Fountain

$39.99 USD $59.99 USD Save $20.00 USD

Yep it's true... cats are instinctively attracted to moving water, and tend to avoid still water in a regular bowl. So why not keep your little fur baby healthy by giving them constant, fresh running water?

The Whiskertons Cat Flower Fountain is equipped with a silent ultra quality triple filtration system that will purify your cat's drinking water on a daily basis.


  • 3-level filtration system that filters out any hair, dirt, food particles, and bacteria, keeping your fur baby's water fresh.
  • The capsule's 2.4L container is enough to keep refills sparse.
  • The water re-circulation system brings ultra-quite performance.
  • 3 drinking modes for your cat to choose from. Flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. Simply adjust the water flow to their liking!
  • Built-in LED light that will flash a red light when it's time to top-it up again.
  • The Flow They Know

    Cats often get dehydrated because they don't like drinking from still water. There's a reason for this... In nature, standing water is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

    Running water signals to your pets that the water is safe and fresh. The Flower Fountain makes it easy for your cat to stay hydrated because it provides them water in a way they are used to.


    Veterinarian Recommended

    1 in 3 cats suffer from health issues because of poor hydration. Sadly, many of them also tend to hide it until their health issues become advanced.

    That's why many veterinarians recommend the Flower Fountain to entice your cat to drink more water by automatically giving them fresh, clean water all day long.

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Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain Cat Flower Fountain

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