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Kose Hoodie™

$32.99 USD $50.99 USD Save $18.00 USD

Kose Hoodie™ combines a comfortable and warm hoodie with the children's favorite animal!


It can be unwrapped anytime, anywhere, from a stuffed animal to a soft and warm hoodie and vice versa. The kids will for sure enjoy it to no end! 



At first glance, it looks like a soft and cute stuffed animal, but when you unfold it, a super soft and warm hoodie comes out!

The Kose Hoodie™ will be your child's best friend and it will give him or her a warm feeling, both literally and figuratively! 



✓ Kids love this toy: Perfect to wear on a cold day to keep kids warm at home while watching TV, playing or reading!

✓ One size fits all: No more problems with sizes, the Kose Hoodie™ has an oversized fit and ensures that your child is always warm and cozy! Suitable for ages 4-12 years or height 80-140 cm.

✓ Multi-functional: Kose Hoodie™ is ideal to use as a stuffed animal, cozy hoodie and car pillow for the most comfortable car journeys!

🎁 A perfect christmas gift!



You can put this hoodie in both the washing machine and the dryer and it will be as good as new.

The unique oversized pockets allow childrens to put their hands inside to keep warm. Plus, your child can carry all kinds of things in these pockets! That's what makes this amazing Kose Hoodie™ unique



Material: High quality polyester
Size: One size fits all* (Suitable for ages 4 and up or 80-140 cm.)
Length: 101 cm
Width: 70 cm
Sleeve to sleeve: 150 cm
Age: + 4 years 


  • 1 x Kose Hoodie™
    The Kose Hoodie™ is not sold in stores, so take advantage of the offer today, while the promotion lasts and stocks last. We deliver the product in a transparent box and may therefore differ from the picture.

    Order your Kose Hoodie™ now and get FREE shipping today only.

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