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wood splitting bit

$28.99 USD
This log separator is made of high solids steel. It is very strong, 
impact and abrasion resistant. Long service life, high hardness and
super toughness. The pointed design and anti-skid groove prevent
slippage and improve efficiency. Deep line design helps you split
large firewood easily. Even if the drill gets stuck in the wood,
you can reverse the wood splitter so you can easily remove the drill
from the wood.

Save your back and wood splitting time!
You'll be surprised how easy it is to split wood! It's time to stop 
getting tired of your old axe and use a firewood drill to chop firewood
easily and quickly. Save hours of hard work every year with one piece
that turns your drill into a wood splitter!

Split wood quickly and easily 
Easily divide large logs into perfect sections. Firewood bits provide a
high level of precision by weakening logs at multiple angles. In a few
minutes, the whole batch is ready!

work smart and efficient
Forget the hard work with the axe. Firewood drills accurately split wood
without time, effort or skill. Use your time wisely and achieve more.


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wood splitting bit wood splitting bit wood splitting bit wood splitting bit

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